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Computer set


Illustrative drawing

Computer with the installed Hybryd PC-4 software fulfils the function of the system central unit.
A H-310 interface is required to connect CentralTest devices.

The computer set enables local control and serves as the server for remote users. The computer is connected by means of the dedicated interface or as far as HVCBS and LVDBS are concerned, by means of Ethernet with emergency lighting appliances.

Hybryd preinstalled software PC-4YES
The possibility of hanging the computer behind the monitor (VESA mounting) or on the wallYES
Computer housing dimensions163x197x220mm (mini ITX)
ProcessorIntel® Celeron
RAM memory 4GB
Hard driveSSD
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10
Ethernet interface, RS-232 serial port, keyboard and mouse, UPSYES