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Testing escape emergency lighting luminaires is automatic. Due dates of subsequent tests are triggered by the internal microprocessor.
According to EN 50172, TEST A must be carried out every 30 days, and TEST B every 360 days.

AUTOTEST in emergency lighting luminaires enables the maintenance of their full technical operation ability through systematic functional control and the measurement of lighting time in the emergency operation mode.
Auto functions of the test are:
• Performance of a functional test TEST A
• Checking lighting time in the emergency operating mode TEST B
• Supervising the current of batteries charging
• Signalling the damage of the emergency luminairethrough the lighting of red LED.

TEST A consists in the simulation of power supply failure and switching the luminaire into the emergency operation mode for 1 minute. During this time, the correct functioning of the individual sub-assemblies of the luminaire is tested.

TEST B consists in switching the luminaire into the emergency operation mode and measuring its lighting time until the batteries are discharged. The lighting time measured is compared by the microprocessor with the required lighting time for a given luminaire and when higher value occurs, a red diode signals batteries damage. Through complete batteries discharging (to a voltage threshold specified by the manufacturer of batteries), and then charging, their correct formation
takes place.

The functionalities of evacuation luminaires and emergency modules in the AUTOTEST version are between the STANDARD system where a test is triggered manually and results must be checked and the CENTRALTEST system where tests and results are available in a single location. AUTOTEST appliances are equipped with the microprocessor system, battery and signalling diodes but it does not have a TEST press button.

AUTOTEST means automatic and autonomous testing of the technical condition of emergency luminaires or modules; therefore, you do not need any additional appliances or service worker’s activity in order to conduct testing required by EN 50172 standard.

The dates of subsequent tests are determined by the internal clock in accordance with the microprocessor software. What is important, in the manufacturing process, clocks are always set so that the deadline for TEST B is different at each time. It secures against the discharging of the whole escape route, what is also stated in the aforementioned standard.

The only inconvenience of the use of luminaires with AUTOTEST is the need for regular visual inspection of LEDs signalling possible faults. For this reason, they should not be used in large buildings where the technical service is not able to inspect them regularly or where their inspection is limited for other reasons. In such buildings, the best solution is the use of the emergency lighting system with central monitoring.