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Technical consulting

The company offers a wide variety of technical consulting, which, depending on the object, includes:
- Emergency lighting system type selection
- Luminaire type selection
- Illuminance distribution according to current regulations.
- Professional trainings in emergency lighting system assembly on objects

Design services

Design services take into account:
- Realization of the lighting system idea with the use of computer calculations and the analysis of lighting quality for particular rooms (according to drafts or proper measures provided)
- Technical offer
- Description of types and characteristics of suggested lighting equipment
- Accomplishment cost calculation
For design purposes, we accept files in .DWG or .DXF. formats.
We offer competitive deadlines of emergency lighting projects.

Luminaire adaptation

According to client’s request, the company performs the adaptation of basic lighting luminaires to emergency lighting luminaires. The adaptation projects, in accordance with client’s request, are prepared by experienced designer team.

Technical service

The Hybryd company makes effort to provide clients with consumer service at the highest level, concerning new, as well as older generation products. We work fast, simply and professionally, basing on the knowledge and experience from twenty-year-old existence on Polish market.
Service department of the Hybryd Ltd. consists of highly qualified specialists being in a possession of highly advanced theoretical, as well as practical knowledge.
Electricians, electronic engineers and computer scientists form a perfect combination of fast, efficient and professional operation in terms of servicing, as well as installation of emergency lighting systems.
The Hybryd Ltd. offers a wide variety of services related to activation, renovation and modernization of luminaires and modules in emergency lighting systems, installed in public places, such as hotels, shopping centers, etc.
The company not only provides post-guarantee service, characterized by immediate reaction to client’s reclamation, but also offers services and measurements of emergency lighting systems required by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration from 21 April 2006 pursuant to the Fire Safety in Buildings, Other Structures and Sites (Dz.U of 21 April 2006, no. 80, item 563).