H-300 PC

H-300 PC system can be treated as modern and comprehensive solution for emergency lighting systems. It allows for control of the whole emergency lighting locally and remotely with the use of the Internet.

System characteristics

The role of central unit system in the H-300 PC system is played by personal computer with the PC 3 CENTRAL software connected by means of H-302 IN interface to the luminaires network (performed by Centraltest). All elements (luminaires) of the system are fully addressable.

Connecting the communication cable to the luminaires and modules in the H-300 system

1. requied two-wire communication cable
2. recommended YTKSY 1x2x1,0 shielded cable
3. any polarity when connecting the cable to the communication socket (introduction A and B)

System operates on two structures

Physical structure – grouping of luminaires is carried out according to the physical topology of connections
Logical structure – luminaires are arbitrarily grouped by user, luminaires can be grouped by sections of floors in each object or any other way that makes it easy to navigate the system

All operations on the luminaires can run both for a single luminaire and for the physical group of luminaires (distributor/whole line) and also for logical group. All results of operations and all activities in the system (login to the system/edit group etc.) are recorded in the log. This log provides us access to the history of the entire system.

System operation

Interface of aplication Centrala PC3 is implemented via the website and is so clear and intuitive that learing of its takes a while. We can operate system on local PC (on which the software is installed), and when you connect this computer to the Internet from anywhere, you can connect to your computer and through the web interface fully support emergency lighting system at the facility. Thanks to it factory service of Hybryd company has possibility to remote monitoring objects from the seat of the company. In this program you can create users with full or limited rights (only preview).

Basic functions

- Test A
- Test B
- Temporal luminaire blockade
- Luminaire ON/OFF
- Luminaire reset

Task planning

H-300 PC system enables users to schedule tasks like Test A, Test B or others. Test A can be scheduled according to safety requirements. It is possible to schedule tests for all luminaires as well as for separate groups so that the whole testing process is executed in stages. Tasks can be programmed with one minute precision and according to defined intervals or cycles. Report generation can be scheduled as well.


Emergency lighting system based on PC gives many possibilities of reporting. One includes the possibility of luminaire status reporting. Such report can be generated for the whole system as well as for separate group and it presents luminaires list with information about tests time and results of those tests. As it was mentioned above, reporting can be programmed and saved on hard disk monthly. Considering the central unit connected to the Internet, reports can be send to particular and responsible for the whole system person. Report appearance can be adjusted according to clients’ will.


The combination of planned tests and scheduled reports with an Internet connection automates the entire system, and virtually eliminates the need to look after the condition of the lamps because the report will be in e-mail every month.

Event history

Event history includes information about system logins, luminaires tests, groups editing, or automatic tasks/reports history. This diary keeps the whole history of the system and helps in analysing irregularities.


One of the most important functions of the H-300 PC and its software is visualisation. It includes all luminaires installed in the facility with their unique addresses. Colours of those addresses mark status (operative or not) and presence/absence of luminaires.With the use of visualisation, luminaire position can be located. The system is able to search through facility plans and highlight required luminaire. By choosing any luminaire, there is a possibility to enter their specific profile where we can initiate test and other functions.

Safety + Reliability + Speed = .NET

Bearing in mind the above-mentioned features we decided to use our system to create technology that meets these requirements.

Our choice fell on the platform. NET and accurately:

- C#

The combination of these professional and reliable technologies provides rapid and stable system works, data security and access, ease of use.


Simplicity – clear web page interface
Availability – web browser required
Automation – test and reports planning
Visualisation – easy search and control of luminaires
Safety – quick detection of errors
Reliability – Microsoft.NET technology