H-300 LED

This is a continuation H-300/UAT system with the use of luminaires with LED light sources. LED light sources have a durability up to 100 000 hours, which guarantees at least 10 years of continuous lighting. Thanks to it achieved higher reliability of the emergency lighting system. An additional advantage of the H-300 LED is the fact that it is a distributed system, ie, that the emergency lighting luminaires and devices included in the system have their own power source-batteries. In the H-300 LED system the central unit is used exclusively for testing and monitoring the technical condition of emergency luminaires, whereas switching in emergency mode takes place individually in each luminaire. The advantage of the H-300 LED system is its low cost and minimal operating costs. Compared to systems with central battery (CB), H-300 LED system is is on average 3 times cheaper, without taking into account the huge costs of fire resistant cables.

The system H-300 LED consists of:

- Central unit H-302 UAT
- Distributors H-300R
- Emergency lighting luninaires with LED light source
- Power supply H-290 LED CT
- Communication and control cabling

All emergency lighting luminaires are equipped with a microprocessor and connected with the communication bus to the central unit system H-302/ UAT. In communication between luminaires and central unit H-302/ UAT mediate additional elements called distributors H-300/RAT. These systems divide and and strengthen the transmission signals. The complete system consists of a central unit, distributors and emergency lighting luminaires. Communication between the central unit, distributors and luminaires is carried out through the two-wire bus. Power supply H-290 LED CT is voltage source for the LED CT.

The parameters of system H-300 LED

Max. number of lamps in the system7800
Number of lines from the central unit H-302/UAT1(option to 4)
Distributors numbermax. 31
Number of lamps on the distributors linemax.64

Connecting the communication cable to the luminaires and modules in the H-300 system

1. requied two-wire communication cable
2. recommended YTKSY 1x2x1,0 shielded cable
3. any polarity when connecting the cable to the communication socket (introduction A and B)

Emergency lighting system-300 LED ensures high reliability, low price, easy installation, low cost of ownership.