Dynamic Emergency Lighting System H-300 DYN

This is a continuation of system H-300 with the use of dynamic luminaires. Dynamic Emergency Lighting System was created due to the necessity to use different evacuation scenarios in large multi-functional buildings based on the location of a fire. Emergency lighting luminaires indicate the direction of escape route, have also the ability to display various signs that are provided in a variety of scenarios evacuation. The system is capable of receiving information from the fire alarm system.

The system H-300 DYN consists of:

- Centrаl unit H-302 C
- Distributors H-302 R
- Dynamic luminaires ALU DYN
- Fire safety luminaires
- Communication and control cabling

On the account of its particular distinction, communicating-steering wiring system has to provide durable connection between the central unit H-302 C, dynamic luminaires and fire safety luminaires during fire, therefore, fire-resistant wiring, such as HTRSH ekw.90 1x2x0,8 type is being used.
Both dynamic and fire emergency luminaires can be combined freely, for example in a star, tree or mixed structure. Luminaire power supply can come from any different phase.
The connection between H-302 C and fire signaling central can be realized by the means of RS 485 connection in series with the use of communication protocol given by fire signaling system producer or indirectly by isolated entries (8)/ exits (8) ADAM4055 modules.
Module entries ADAM 4055 can be adjusted form 10V to 50V voltage signaling or short circuit detection (for example no potential or relay exits).
Isolated RS485 line can be 1200 meters long, and cannot be combined with more than 32 (dispersed system of several fire signaling central). ADAM 4055 modules are adopted to be installed in cabinet of 35mm strip.
H-302 C central possesses the memory (fire area allotment) for particular dynamic and fire luminaires what causes that by appropriate signals read out from ADAM 4055 module performs sequence dynamic luminaires and fire safety luminaires which is appropriate to the programmed settings.
To ensure the safe evacuation of people in case of fire in the H-300 DYN system adopted the principle that the fire safety luminaires swtich on only after detection of fire, so not after the disappearance of basic lighting. Information about the fire is transferred from the fire alarm system to the central unit H-302 C and this central unit operates dynamic and fire safety luminaires.

The parameters of system H-300 DYN

Max. number of lamps in the system7800
Number of lines from the central unit H-302 C1(option to 4)
Distributors numbermax. 31
Number of lamps on the distributors linemax.64

Connecting the communication cable to the luminaires and modules in the H-300 system

1. requied two-wire communication cable
2. recommended YTKSY 1x2x1,0 shielded cable
3. any polarity when connecting the cable to the communication socket (introduction A and B)