H-300 Emergency lighting system

The general concept of H-300 system is based on two elements - emergency luminaires, which operate independently in emergency mode, and testing system compiling all test results. Every emergency luminaire is equipped with microprocessor system and connected to the central unit (H-302 C) through communication bus. Additionally, there is possibility to replace the H-302 C unit with the H-302 IN interface connected to the computer.

Communication between luminaires and the central unit is carried out with the use of additional elements called H-302 R distributors.
The software installed in the central unit offers:
- Automatic and manual testing of all the elements installed in the system
- Test results record
- Generation of alarms in case of any failure
- Test results printout
- Automatic lamp control in group addressing system
- Fire-fighting group lamps control
- Emergency work deactivation with zone addressing
- Night lighting control

The complete system includes: the central unit, distributors and emergency luminaires. Communication between the central unit, distributors and luminaires is carried out through two-wire bus (YTKSY 1x2x1,0 shielded cable). The central unit can work with four output lines (max). Thirty one distributors can be connected to one line and sixty four luminaires can operate within one distributor. In total, the H-300 system is able to monitor 7936 emergency luminaires.
Maximum distances between the central unit and the distributor and the distributor and the most distant luminaire are 1000m.

H-300 system characteristics:
- communication network structure: according to the client’s specification
- different power supply phases available thanks to galvanic insulation of the communication interface
- every element of the system has its unique identification address
- automatic testing of the system elements
- visualization of emergency luminaires arrangement available
- system condition reporting

Hybryd Ltd. has undertaken the mission of development and implementation of emergency lighting system provided with complete
luminaire control and monitoring suitable for any facility.