The comparison of systems

Central monitoring systems is used for integration of the process of controlling and monitoring the work of the greater amount of emergency lighting luminaires. Emergency lighting lamps in CENTRALTEST execution are connected to lamp communication network with different typologies. The central system element may be H-302 C or computer with dedicated software and communication interface H-302 IN. The H-302 R distributors fulfill the role of mediators and the transmission medium is a two-wire signal cable.

System H-300H-300 LEDH-300 DYNH-300 PC
Available central units:
CentralaPC 31YES(additional)2YES(additional)2NOYES
Supported lamps:
Overall parameters:
Luminaires number7936
Distributors number (max per one line)31
Lines number4
Max. distance between central unit and distributors1000m
Max. distance between distributor and luminaire1000m
Other functions:
Remote controlNO4NO4NOYES
System status report savingYES5YES5YES5YES
E-mail notificationNO4NO4NOYES
Tests historyYES5YES5YES5YES
Tests planningYESYESYESYES
Automatic reportsNONONOYES
Users authorizationsNO4NO4NOYES
Ad 1 PC 3 CENTRAL includes PC+software+H-302 IN interface
Ad 2 in configuration H-302 C+PC 3 CENTRAL, H-302 C is considered as H-302 IN / * ATTENTION – PC 3 CENTRAL and H-302 C do not work simultaneously!
Ad 3 facility project with emergency lighting luminaires and their addresses
Ad 4 not possible without PC 3 CENTRAL
Ad 5 saved on pendrive (USB)