Low Voltage Distributed Battery System

The Low Voltage Distributed Battery System (LVDBS), also known as a Low Power System (LPS) consists of several small cabinets with built-in batteries supplying dedicated luminaires with voltage in range from 20 to 27.2VDC. These kinds of systems are dedicated to small sites or sites where exchange of batteries in self-contained luminaires would generate high costs (for ex. high luminaire mounting altitudes), or the usage of a HVCBS is not financially feasible.

Luminaires operating in LVDBS system are supplied from either
a DC Power supply inside the LVDBS cabinet or on cabinet mains loss from batteries built into the LVDBS cabinet. They can be switched on from an external switch or from a phase loss detector in the distribution board. Luminaires can operate
in maintained or non-maintained mode being on the same line.

LVDBS cabinets are interconnected over an industry grade EIA-485 link but operate as independent units. Communication between cabinets allows to view test results and system status from the main unit (LV0 in red, as shown on the system diagram). Test results from all system cabinets may also be viewed on the H-300 PC central monitoring system connected with the LV0 unit over Ethernet.

System characteristics

supply voltage195-265VAC 50-60Hz
maximum power consumption500VA
maximum number of cabinets in system32
number of output lines per cabinet4
number of input lines (phase loss, potential-free)4
cabinet output power (on terminals)300W
cabinet single line output power (on terminals)75W
emergency operation time60 or 120 minutes
overall system power (32 cabinets)9.6KW
dimensions (WxHxD)60min – 500x420x300
120min – 700x420x300