H-300 DYN Central Monitoring and Control System

The main purpose of H-300 DYN is the dynamic control of evacuation based on smoke zone information from the Fire Protection System (FPS). System behaviour is configured during installation on site by means of touch screen interface or web interface on on main system control unit or for larger systems using software on PC.

H-300 DYN consists of the main unit H-312 expanded with a fifth communication line (CT-LOOP topology), H-311 or H-310 network expanders and SPARK DYN dynamic emergency lighting luminaires. Additionally, if communication with the FPS is not possible over a digital line like ETHERNET or EIA-485 an additional input module (H-314 or H-315) is necessary to get the smoke zone information from FPS by means of potential-free contacts (eight for H-314, sixteen for H-315). Multiple H-314 or H-315 units may be used. No network expander may be present between the main unit and input modules.

All system components are connected using the CT-LOOP topology and are equipped with two-way short-circuit isolators which give the system very good immunity to cabling failures during hazardous conditions. The maximum number of network expanders between the main unit and the luminaire is limited to two for a quick system response.

H-300 DYN in numbers:
• up to 2048 dynamic emergency lighting luminaires
• up to 64 devices per loop
• maximum loop length of 1.2km (shielded twisted pair cabling)
• farthest luminaire from the central unit up to 1.8km using copper cabling (up to 30km using fiber optics)
•up to 30 different messages per luminaire (including dimming, blinking times, etc.)


SPARK DYN is a dynamic emergency lighting luminaire based on SPARK aluminum profile. Powder coated aluminum enclosure is robust and mechanically rugged. Based on version SPARK DYN consists of one or several modules with E001 or E002 emergency sign as well as cross/arrow modules.

The emergency sign module has variable internal illumination using OSRAM DURIS LEDs. The evacuation sign is screen printed on an internal PMMA being illuminated, which is protected by an external PMMA. This ensures high immunity against mechanical sign damage as is with classic stickers. Sign is not visible if illumination is off.

The cross/arrow module (CA module) consists of an array of green LEDs displaying an arrow conforming in form to type D of ISO 3864-3 which can be rotated every 45 degrees. Custom sign forms are also possible. Beside the green LED arrays the module has red LEDs arranged as a cross to display a prohibition sign. Cross and arrow LEDs may be dimmed in three levels. Both signs are controlled independently and may blink with configured interval. The CA module may be also called CR module (only components displaying cross are mounted) or AR module (only components displaying arrow are mounted). Module is protected with a 2mm thick clear PMMA.

SPARK DYN may be single sided or double sided, mounted to the wall, ceiling or suspended from ceiling. It may contain one or two emergency sign modules and from one to four cross/arrow modules. Modules can be arranged in the following forms for both, single or double sided luminaire:

where SL - sign left (E001), SR - sign right (E002).
SPARK DYN luminaires are connected in the CT-LOOP topology with built-in short-circuit isolation. SPARK DYN may be supplied from AC voltage with built-in battery or from HVCBS AC/DC line voltage (with or without built-in battery). It conforms with EN 60598-2-22 excluding configurable behaviour and cross/arrow sign.

Sample visual messages