H-237 AT / H-237 CT

General purpose:

The system consists of an emergency power supply device of direct-current or constant-voltage, used for emergency power supply of LED modules using constant current and power up to 10W. Together with additional power supply (see diagram) there is a possibility of continuous power supply of a luminaire (light mode / basic). Compact design allows use of this module in many modern luminaires, for construction of emergency and evacuation LED lighting. CENTRALTEST version works in emergency lighting system with central monitoring system.

Technical data:

Power supply230V 50Hz
Power consumption7 VA
Protection classII
Radio interferenceLevel N
Protection degreeIP20
Module load quantity of LEDs/ MODULE OUTPUT POWER [W]1-6/1W; l-6/l,5W; 1-6/3W; 2-6/5W; 2-12/6W; 5-12/10W
LED current supply100mA - 1000mA
Output voltage (4,8 V)3V - 20V
Output voltage (8.4 V)15V - 36V
Battery typeNi-Cd HT, Ni-MH HT
Accumulator voltage4,8V; 8,4V
Accumulator capacity1,0Ah - 4,0Ah
Emergency work time1h, 2h, 3h
Accumulator charging timemax. 24 h
Ambient temperature+5°C ÷ +50°C
Dimensions (LxDxH)167x38x30 mm

Battery Pack:

For emergency power supply of modules we use batteries NiCd HT or NiMH HT that are used for high temperature operation. Battery cells are packed in series – type PAS, in series with a clamp for fixing – type PAO, or paralleled – type PAR, however, they are always connected in series. Standard length of cables pins is 200 mm. You will find more information about batteries on hybryd.com.pl


While ordering, the following shall be given:
- module code or name, for example: 3907 or H-237 AT 1/3W 2C
- modules quantity
- accumulator code  (package-voltage-capacity-connector), for example NC-PAS-48-25-N

Due to a very large variety of light sources based on LEDs, different power supplies and the requirements as to the minimum light beam and emergency work time, it is necessary to select module parameters such as battery voltage, battery capacity…