H-209 AT / H-209 ST

General purpose:

H-209 module is a modern emergency power supply unit designed for a wide range of linear and compact fluorescent lamps. This module enables construction of emergency and evacuation lighting, and also adapting regular, single or multiple fluorescent luminaires to emergency version.


This module is available in versions: AUTOTEST and STANDARD. 
Module in STANDARD version is equipped with a LED signaling battery status and a button for a TEST function.
AUTOTEST version of the module has two LEDs: one signaling accumulator status and another signaling module status.
Both versions are equipped in connector for execution of LOCK function and in a security system protecting from locking the ballast during the switching operation.
Cable section max: network - 1,5mm2 ; fluorescent lamps - 0,8mm2

Technical data:

Power supply230 V, 50Hz
Power consumption<2VA
Protection classII
Protection degreeIP20
Work frequency25-30kHz
Light source4 pin lamp
Acumulator typeNi-Cd HT Iub Ni-MH HT
Accumulator voltage3,6V; 4,8V; 6,0V
Accumulator capacity1,5Ah; 2,5Ah; 4,0Ah
Emergency work time1h, 2h, 3h
Accumulator charging time24h
Ambient temperature+5°C ÷ +50°C
Dimensions (LxDxH)167 x 37 x 29 mm
Weight (without acumulator)193g


While ordering, the following shall be given:
- module code or name, for example: 0276 H-209 AT 9/36 3J
- modules quantity
- accumulator code  (package-voltage-capacity-connector), for example NC-PAS-36-40-N