Dimensions (LxDxH) | 120 x 23 x 22 [mm]

Technical data:

Power supply 230 VAC 216 VDC
Klasa ochronności
Radio noise Level N
Protection degree IP20
Number of lamps 1 or 2 (L 8 W)
Lamp power and type PL-S/4p power 5W, 7W, 9W, 11W PL-C/4p power 10W, 13W, 18W PL-T/4p 13W,18W L8W
Module protection Module termination after lamp failure
Ambient temperature -10°C÷50°C
Dimensions (LxDxH) 120 x 23 x 22 [mm]
Waga (bez baterii)

Available versions:

Lp. VersionLamp power and typeLight flux230V/50Hz currentCode
1.H-352 5/151xPL-S/4p 5W250lm50mA6283
1xPL-S/4p 7W400lm65mA6283
1xPL-S/4p 9W600lm95mA6283
1xPL-S/4p 11W900lm115mA6283
1xPL-C/4p 10W600lm95mA6283
1xPL-C/4p 13W900lm120mA6283
1xPL-T/4p 13W900lm125mA6283
2.H-352 15/231xPL-T/4p 18W1200lm140mA6290
1xPL-T/4p 18W1200lm145ma6290
3.H-352 81xL 8W410lm85mA6306
2xL 8W2x410lm130mA6306



While ordering, the following shall be given:
- module code or name, for example 6283 or H-352 5/15
- ballasts quantity

Light distribution diagram:

Circuit diagram H-352 Circuit diagram H-352 Circuit diagram H-352 Circuit diagram H-352


Casing H-352